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First of all, reloading is a difficult and dangerous activity, to be done only by law recognized experts meeting legal requirements.
All responsibility lies with who decides to reload these ammunition.
It is impossible for Hasler to know the conditions of the rifle, of the bullet case, the competence of the person who’s reloading, nor any other variable at the moment of reloading. Therefore, Hasler declines every responsibility for any damage or problem due to a wrong reloading process.

Hasler will only advise you about the right powder to be used. The indicated dosage is only a piece of advice, you may want to try other possible combinations.
It is highly recommended being very cautious. Please choose your dosages carefully and gradually, always starting from a lower dosage of at least two grains than indicated and paying attention to possible signs of overpressure.
Each rifle responds differently even if belonging to the same brand. Different batches of powder and primers imply big differences in the pressure gain. An unfavourable combination of these variables may be very dangerous.

Please remember that with the change of ambient temperature there may be (especially in monobasic powders) notable changes in the operating pressures It is necessary to know the dimensions of the hole in the barrel in which you want to use the bullet to avoid errors and accidents in reloading.

As an example, for the 6.5 x 57 / 57r / 65 / 65r calibres, there is a borehole in the barrel with full measurements of 6.45 mm and 6. 70 mm for the gaps, while for calibre 6, 5 x 55 Swedish the measure of the solids is 6.50 mm while that of the voids is 6. 73 mm.

Reloading is a very dangerous activity that can only be practiced by experts who know all the variables that have been only mentioned.

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