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Hasler monolithic ogives were born from an idea of, or better a challenge between, four friends who wanted to create a superior product. The stimulator of the enterprise is Italian award-winning and record-holder in the Italian championships ordinanza, ex ordinanza 300m, production e 22lr 100 metri Giuseppe De Pasquale. His three companions were attracted by his passion for perfection and some of his brilliant intuitions which came from years and years of ballistics experiments and tests.

This is how Hasler bullets were born. Undercaliber ogives, with circular and semi-circular section O-rings which minimize the contact surface between bullet and rifled barrel (just like in high caliber cannons).


Metal analysis lab.
Engeneers who design screws for dental implantology
Swiss factory producing surgical prosthesis
Super lapping
DOA srl Hydraulic tools Novedrate


Ballistic experience alone wasn’t sufficient to create these competition and hunting ogives: research, counseling and experimentation were needed too, not to mention metallurgic knowledge, special tools and equipments, expert technicians and high-quality materials. To obtain a superior product we needed to find a perfect compromise between workability and mechanic-ballistic characteristics. This needed a huge investment to obtain from the industry the right copper. But the complexity of the project didn’t stop our team: Giuseppe’s strong motivation convinced all the others to go on until they gave life to Hasler Competition and Hunting Bullets trading mark.


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